November, 2010

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Everyone is playing Call of Duty Blackops right now. The poor PC players aren’t however, thanks to insane lag but the consolers are doing just fine. How long will this game last? Who knows, we already have a few people approaching their 5th prestige. But one thing we do know, we’re going to see a […]

Li’l Pimpin’

Needles in a Flickstack

I haven’t posted any movies in awhile, since most of you already know how to find the big releases I thought I’d recommend a few movies you most likely haven’t seen or even never heard of. Enter the Void 1.37GB Now this is a movie that illicit drugs were made specifically for. An extremely trippy […]

The Brain Sees Nakedness

Here’s The Hotness

We’ve always had some type of blog up over the 15 years of our existence. The content used to be quite mentally scarring but things have changed, we keep it PC. But, we’re still de-classified as a safe website in many databases and many of our users can not view this site from their workplace. […]

The Avenger

Everyone bitches about moving from mouse to controller. There’s a few tweaks you can get to help your gaming out on console, you can get FPS stick add-ons, you can buy a XiM or you could get this freakishly looking contraption. I think I’ll stick to my stock controller, thanks.

Camping for Dinner

I know we’ll see it soon… Gaming themed restaurants. Here’s what the Halo one would be like.

Like a Ross

1 Week Till War

We’re a week away from CoD: Blackops dropping. Everyone around here is salivating for it. Here’s the drool worthy launch trailer.

Huntin’ Through The Desert

If you haven’t noticed, Cijid has done up all the Fallout New Vegas locations.

Loop de Loop

This is about as epic as it gets in an FPS game folks.


Whomever recreated a Planetside base in Minecraft is freakin’ crazy. Proof.

How To Kiss

Swing and a miss!

Prop 19 Fail

Well California, I guess everyone who was supposed to vote for Prop 19 was too lazy and stoned to bother to vote. I really thought this one would go through, everyone thinks liberally in California and understands how much money this would bring in, or do they? Do they even understand how useful hemp is? […]

Russian Wolf Pack

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Give it a minute to materialize, let the cop do his job ffs.