Nowadays, your avatar is as important as your signature. People make snap judgements based on not only your physical appearance but your camera prowess as well. No selfies in the bathroom, idiots! One of the ways people hide behind their profiles (as we call it, Rina’ing) is using caricatures and is a nice loophole for being socially relevant. You do have options, you can have someone draw you as a Simpsons or Family Guy character or you could go for the gusto and have yourself morphed into a famous portrait. Or maybe you want to go the other way and hide your scary face behind a scarier mask.

Grand Theft Hostile

GTA Online goes live tomorrow and the gangs all here to represent in Grand Theft Auto 5.


So what are you waiting for? Join the crew and bust out the cocaine!

Manga Flavored Fava Beans

A rare look into UltraCarls anime lair.

QuakeCon 2013

Pay hommage to the series that originally brought us all here…

QuakeCon 2013 went live a few minutes ago and will be streamed throughout the weekend. Check out the awesome matches already underway on QuakeLive.


Front Yard Fortress

If you’re wondering what I want for my birthday…

Evolution 2013

This weekend marks the most anticipated fighting game event of 2013, Evolution! Tune in to the official Twitch streams below and watch some of the best players in the world go at it. Swing by #Hostile on IRC to get in on the only weekend where the rest of Ht doesn’t complain about me and Alc.

SRK EVO Stream 1
SRK EVO Stream 2
SRK EVO Stream 3

Or go balls to the wall and watch them all at once.

Multitwitch SRK EVO Streams

Official schedule for each tournament and stream can be found over at Shoryuken. If you ever wanted to get into the FGC, nows the time. Sales run all weekend and you can pick up arcade sticks and parts very cheap!

Ht Open’s 9th Season

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the invites have gone out for the 9th season of the Ht Open, our yearly free Fantasy Football league. It’s just for bragging rights and there’s not much to go around as I have been dominating it the last 6 years. Although the dynasty may be cracking as 1st year player Kamen (who I helped with drafting) ended up beating me in the Finals for the title. Why did I help him draft his juggernaut team…anyways, I’m not going to post the link to join just yet as everyone will most likely be returning. If any spots open up, you’ll be the first to know.

HtCraft 1.6.1 The Big Furries Update

Mojang released Minecraft 1.6.1 and we’ve upgraded the HtCraft server to the latest version. Among other things, it added horses, donkeys, and mules so all of your sick animal fantasies can be fulfilled.

Swing by the public Ht Gaming Forums for get more information!

Things On A Dog’s Head

I was linked this recently and was amazed by this dog, holy shit. If he could balance a beer can, it would be perfect. The full gallery of things being balanced after the break

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How To Kingpin Hard

680x478Here’s a brand new documentary that tackles the terrible war on drugs by teaching you how to properly deal at each level of drug trafficking. That desk job is about to feel extra terrible on Monday after watching this. Grab the torrent.


Planetside 2 Changes

Just a heads up that the Ht Planetside 2 outfit is no longer active. With MLG approaching and numbers dwindling the outfit officers decided that a merger was required. If you’re an existing player you can head over here to get rolling with the new outfit.

PlanetSide 2 Nexus Battle Island

If you are still playing PlanetSide 2, this new video might be of interest to you. It is just a quick little preview of the Battle Island and from the looks of the video, it looks really good. I do like the idea of having a tank battle in the middle of a forest.

Pray for Boston

It has been a hard week for the city of Boston. After numerous lockdowns of the city during this terrorist attack the city finally has returned to normal. While we would never condone terrorist attacks we do have a few conspiracy nuts in our midst, most notably Lox. So it comes as no surprise this conspiracy theory has already surfaced in regards to the recent attacks. Never distrust an anonymous 4chan poster, people.


When you see it, you will shit bricks and may wrap your sports car around a tree.

(inside joke for the QWTF crew)


This one goes out to [Ht]KaRtToOn, who is expecting his 1st child.

Let’s just hope the little Hostile doesn’t ever have to endure this nightmare.