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Grand Theft Hostile

GTA Online goes live tomorrow and the gangs all here to represent in Grand Theft Auto 5. So what are you waiting for? Join the crew and bust out the cocaine!

QuakeCon 2013

Pay hommage to the series that originally brought us all here… QuakeCon 2013 went live a few minutes ago and will be streamed throughout the weekend. Check out the awesome matches already underway on QuakeLive.

Evolution 2013

This weekend marks the most anticipated fighting game event of 2013, Evolution! Tune in to the official Twitch streams below and watch some of the best players in the world go at it. Swing by #Hostile on IRC to get in on the only weekend where the rest of Ht doesn’t complain about me and […]

HtCraft 1.6.1 The Big Furries Update

Mojang released Minecraft 1.6.1 and we’ve upgraded the HtCraft server to the latest version. Among other things, it added horses, donkeys, and mules so all of your sick animal fantasies can be fulfilled. Swing by the public Ht Gaming Forums for get more information!