January, 2010

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The Max-iPad

<warning> i was just thinking today i really want a netbook without a keyboard that can only run 1 app at a time and doesnt use flash <warning> the ipad was my idea <[Ht]alright> he called his mom <warning> of course i called my mom she needed to know this

Shepherd Shits His Pants

I wanted to steer clear of Mass Effect 2, I really did. I didn’t enjoy the first one and I don’t have the attention span for a longterm game like this. But the ratings are insane, it’s currently the 2nd highest rated 360 game of all time, and it does look amazing. The opening cinematic […]

Cinematic Clarity

Wouldn’t it be nice if movie posters just told the truth…

Unsee the Unicorn

I have been on the internet for a long, long time. I’ve seen things that are burned into my retinas for life. This is one of those videos I wish I had never seen.

Charitable Chumpstains

Finally, someone has gone and summed up forced charity giving in today’s age. Too bad it cost the guy his job.

Browser Bait

I love the idea of transitioning games to browsers. Quake Live proved it can be done now it’s time for some real deep games. What if someone made a browser MMO I could just pop in while doing everything else? Well, looks like we’re going to find out. Will it be a success? Probably not, […]

The Ultimate in Art

Another Internet Jedi

One thing I love about the internet is all the cool things you can learn. Like how to wield a sword properly, with our sensei Phillip.

Call of Cthulu

Once you view this, he will come.

Archer on FX

Cijid turned me on to this new show on FX called Archer that follows the amazing Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It’s a well drawn spy cartoon but it also crosses the line to adult quite quickly. It’s only 3 episodes old so it’ll be easy to catch up on, here’s the teaser to get you […]

The Hand Ninja

For some reason i found this video hard to watch.


Our Primitive Program

It’s funny that we’ve all been on IRC for many many years now but most computer users don’t have a freakin’ clue what IRC is. When we’ve had to explain it to our significant others it’s always just ‘a chat program’ and then they equate it to MSN or Facebook Chat. So of course at […]

Water!? You Noob!

The Online Gamer is back! This time he is single and is out to pwn some girly noobs.

More Modernization

Another week, another collection of MW2 videos.