July, 2010

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Fortress Cloning

Following the success of TF2 it was inevitable developers would figure out that with so many weapon based fighting games out there that taking a more comical approach allowed them to set themselves apart. So we’re finally seeing some new clones that are obviously inspired from Valve’s baby. The first one is Monday Night Combat […]

Welcome to Your Future

Hostile Fakeover v3.0

Hey look, someone on Facebook is raping our name and images. Normally I’d unearth the demons of IRC to show up at their flag football games and molest all their fat girlfriends but you have to understand that when you’ve become an internet icon for many to worship and masturbate to you’re going to get […]

Digital Weirdness

I know all you digital degenerates think I’m against PC gaming since I play most of my games on consoles nowadays. But little do you know I am doing my part to try and keep PC gaming viable. That isn’t easy as it has a lot going against it but PC gaming is still the […]

The Voice of God

After that pretty hilarious Old Spice viral campaign I think it’s pretty evident who inspired it all.

Azn Extinction Simulator

One of the best early large scale war RTS titles has a sequel coming!

Airborne Free

Blouse Bunnies

There is entirely not enough nudity on this site lately.

Pigskin Season

It is year 6 for the free Ht Fantasy Football league on Yahoo. Since it’s always full this is your last chance to get in on the action since there is only 3 spots remaining. Winning means a year of bragging rights and your choice from the #Hostile harem. If you don’t get in you […]

Metaphorically Moronic

Yeah that’s right, we got metaphor splicing goin’ on in #Hostile. Riveting! <od3rus> step up to the plate and pick up a gauntlet <b|afk> don’t worry, odie’s bark is worse in one ear and bites out the other <b|afk> after all, a fool and his money don’t grow on trees <od3rus> Sometimes I feel like […]

That’s My Seat Motherfucker

The Redneck Retard Rap

I used to enjoy Youtube but it’s turned into a giant karoake party. Fuck off.

Nerd Greed

One of the great things about being a geek is after years of persecution you can now cash in. Knowing how to find your IP makes you smarter than 90% of humans out there and with advanced geekology in your skill set you’ve since accomplished way more than that dumb jock who now pumps your […]

Game Over

Ghetto Gestation

I know what you’re thinking right now. I have 10 minutes to spare and want to watch a pregnant woman brawl on the streets of Oakland. Well you came to the right place.