August, 2008

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Begging for Beta

If you head over to Fileplanet you’ll see that the Warhammer open beta is now downloadable for FP subscribers. Before you rush out and get your pre-order so you can play though don’t forget, Warhammer has gone gold and will be in stores in a little over 2 weeks. Does that warrant having to pay […]

The Corpses Corner

Wow, if I ever go out this is how I want my funeral to be.

Jesus Woods

This doesn’t come as a huge surprise but recently a major bug had been found in the new Tiger Woods console title. It seems you’re able to walk on water with Tiger Woods when he lands it in the drink. Well normally, EA would just ignore all the reports of a major bug but this […]

Takin’ a Train Trip

In my ongoing investigation into how Darwinism works, I stumbled across a clip of someone almost falling prey to their own stupidity. Oh well, maybe next time their fate will be realized in a most violent and bloody way.

To War or Not To War…

Ok gamers, it’s time to make a decision. You’re either still stuck in the world of Wow eagerly awaiting the Lich King expansion or you’re stuck in the world of Conan eagerly awaiting any type of content whatsoever. Now, with Warhammer not even a month away you need to make that decision, do I poopsock […]

Slain in Soccer

In the past year in the sports world we’ve seen some weird deaths occur. Pro athletes dying from overheating, a hockey player in a gruesome motorcycle accident, a football star shot in his house during a botched robbery. All these things come as a huge shock when it happens especially when it relates to your […]

Spoof Slaves

Today I am highlighting I know nothing about them other than they are fucking crazy and have too much time on their hands. Oh, and their site is ugly as hell. But fear not, you can see some of their current work after the jump if you are interested in seeing an interview with […]

1983 – 2008

R.I.P. MU-Redrum

Victim of Vinyl

Paul Mawhinney has the world’s largest record collection that he has been accumulating throughout his entire lifetime. He used to run a record store, and he would always put away the last copy of an album for himself. Due to his declining health and old age, Paul has decided to put the collection on sale […]

How did I get here?

Oh thats right, the write a new blog post bookmark. How long its been since we’ve seen each other… AoC has lost its grip on me, I think I lasted longer than most. I’ve been digging into the old games pile and have been enjoying TF2. Hey if you skip a few months you can […]

Snooty Bitches & Big Mans Britches

 Let’s see what’s happening over in Plasticland… What the fuck Sharon Stone, stay away from Hayden, she is pure!!! Umm JLo…you’re the dumbest bitch on the planet!!! Kelly Bundy got her boobs chopped off!!! Heidi! Please for the love of god never ever sing again!!! Vince!! What the fuck is with the guitar you granola […]

Bulldoggin’ Georgia

While on the topic of Russia, if you’ve turned on the news you’d know that they went and invaded Georgia, right? No, not that Georgia. Anyways, everyone is on the Russkies asses to stop being such bullies but uhh, didn’t anyone realize that Georgia started all of this?! Do your research before calling out what […]

In Soviet Russia, Sandvich Eat You

It’s finally arrived. The Heavy TF2 update has gone live so go and get your patch on. . You can watch the (shitty) trailer here.

Lord of the ROFL


Middle East Millionaires

Dubai is becoming a truly amazing city. Insane buildings, 7 star hotels, tons of oil money flowing through its veins there’s no stopping this artificial land. But before you run off in search of riches don’t forget that this is an Islamic state and going there you won’t be all that welcome. Drinking? Drugs? Not […]