Master of His Fortress

So I have to admit, I’ve been sucked back into TeamFortress 2. With Age of Conan’s quick demise there needed some way to satisfy the blood lust until the Warhammer beta¬† opens up again. The reason TF2 has had a revival is constant content additions. Every month or so one class gets some real love, with new achievements which then can lead to unlockable abilities and weapons. But I’ll admit, it’s still a love/hate relationship because the game is so noobified anyone can pick it up and be annoying.

Having been a TF die hard for over 10 years now I find historical stuff from their dev team like how the Spammoman evolved quite interesting. So I think I will continue to play this casually, check new maps, find some servers with Canalzon running and continue to hope they roll out some achievements for some of the actual fun classes. Until then, you can find me on the Fortress soccer field.

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