TF2 Update on XBOX 360

To those poor saps that play Team Fortress 2 on the XBOX 360, I pity you. But if you really do insist on playing then you should start rejoicing because there is a new update for you guys. These are the items up on the console update:

• Reduced network bandwidth usage in multiplayer.
• Improved overall game performance.
• Arranged search results to favor preferred host conditions.
• Improved searching for ranked games.
• Addressed a possible false report of too little storage space on larger hard drives.

Me personally, I wouldn’t touch this heaping pile of garbage. Me and [Ht]Ons tried it out at E4All over in the EA section, whooped up on some kids and adults alike. Rocket jumping on those dual analog sticks is like playing games at the regular Olympics when are handicapped, it is just not right. Maybe your PC just sucks so much ass that you need to get it for the console thus justifying the purchase… Nah Stop making excuses and upgrade your computer already.

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