Holding Down the Fort

Looks like I’ll be manning this for the weekend as others have left for the weekend. I’m not a witty poster like Mad but I have my highlights.

Valve has updated TF2 and I believe almost all of our servers have been updated. You can check out the update notes here. The most notable change in this update is the medic, you can actually kill shit now with the medic! The syringe gun is still a piece of shit, but fear not, you can actually dish out real damage now.

For those that live in Southern California, I do hope you are staying away from the fires. As for me, I have been monitoring the San Diego news since Sunday since I used to live down there. Quite the number of people I know were evacuated and such down there since it plowed into populated areas. [Ht]Cijid has some fire pictures from his house since he lives in the boonies. If you want to stay up-to-date with the wildfire news, here is some links I’ve kept open on my multiple Firefox windows:

The 24/7 streams are all offline now since the imminent danger has passed, otherwise I would post the streams for KNSD (7/39), KUSI (9/51), and KGTV (10).

To end this post on a lighter note, this article should make you never want to hitchhike or pick up any.

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