October, 2007

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Kill The Medic!!

Buy the Penny Arcade Kill The Medic t-shirt ($18) 

Week 7 In Ht FFL

So we’ve hit the halfway mark with week 7 in the books. Most of the hardcore Fantasy Footballers round out the top 5 with Bucky moving into 1st with a monster week (185 points). Pretty much positions 8 and below are done for the year as reaching the playoffs will be tough at 3-4 but […]

Spy Games

Check the video after the jump.

Hollie’s Holy Hand Grenade

From #TF2, no idea who the biblethumper with the Hostile tag is: <Hostile|Leviathan> conc jump maps were the best <beav> the medic skill maps were fun <Hostile|Leviathan> so damn hard <Hollie> Do not use the lords name in vain please. <chrono> anyone wanna soldier duel <Hollie> Ya I’ll be there, depending on the weather of […]

Speedy Rulz?

Former Hostile Speedy looks to be the run away winner in the Monday Night Football Fan Challenge! Congrats to him, as long as he stays on point every Monday he should walk away with the grand prize. Really though, this is a prize for all of #Hostile as our incessant football chatter has finally parlayed […]

Nightcrawling @ Noon

From the director of the Bourne series comes…Jumper. Check it.

Post-It Bombs

Ah, my fellow Spammomen. We may have been nerfed but we’ll never be stopped! I give you…stickybomb sprays!

Garry’s Mod’s Greatest

Check the video after the jump. Amazing.

The Gnome Knows…

I love when a game does something overly creative. Halflife 2 Episode 2 has a gnome present. Yes, this is for aesthetics but with the advent of achievements there is a point to this bearded li’l tosser. In the real world there is tales of gnomes being taken on vacation and then photographed, well Valve […]

IRC Quote of the Moment

< Rang > argh friend is trying to convince me that tf2 on the 360 is more than satisfactory < Sythar > lol thats like trying to convince a homo that a vagina is more satisfying

Guitar Hero H4x0rs

A Guitar Hero 3 demo was shipped with Tony Hawk proving grounds. For those of us not interested in the new Tony Hawk (anyone whos played skate), you can head over here to download the demo. Some people have figured out how to extract the demo to a playable ISO. Just burn the ISO to […]

Gamers Greed

Aaah, a dreary Thursday morning in the office means it’s time to see what is going on in the gaming world. With a few Hostile’s at E for All there’s news to be digested!! Hellgate London goes gold and demo is now out. GTA 4 will have 16 person multiplayer! Valve has a habit of failing miserably. Steam saves […]

E For All

Ignore warning’s double post, sometimes he is just a forgetful person. In other news, today begins the new experimental convention called E For All or Entertainment For All over at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I call it experiment because it was spawned due to the collapse of E3 last year, yet it doesn’t have […]

Prince of Crowd Control

 New Assassin’s Creed screenshots

Frag Some Valve’s

If you’re one of the 3 people who also play TF2 on Xbox 360 then you’re in luck, this Friday you can gib some of the developers! You can find the gamertag list here.