Get Cursed

I know for those who have been playing Warhammer that they’ve been having a blast. Finally a game that rewards PvP! Sure it’s still a time sucking MMO that guarantees no life but hey, which one doesn’t? An important factor in the success of any MMo is the ability to create and use add-ons to enhance the UI or features that were never fleshed out by the developers. Well Warhammer luckily leaves this very open by supporting LUA and interface edits. But the main problem with add-ons is when something gets patched all the add-ons break and you need to go and find the updates for them. The boys over have finally released the Curse Client, a wonderful adaptation of the Firefox extension system to guarantee that you can easily download sanctioned add-ons where they can be easily upgraded through the client. If you play Warhammer you have to have this program! It also works with WoW but c’mon who wants to play a stupid ass game that will soon have motorcycles in it anyways. Not this nerd!! Go fuck yourself carebears!

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