September, 2008

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Obey Jesus

Fraggle Rock

Can you believe people still play TF2? A couple of the old school clans you’d recognize include Djedi, Clan Sandman and virulent’s All Stars. Yeah, competition wise it’s pretty thin nowadays but you can still get your moneys worth off your TF2 purchase, with class based achievements being rolled out every 2 months (HWGuy, Medic […]


I’ve never been a big fan of Metallica… But since they have a new album out this picture is relevant.

Urban Camo

Warez the Rock?

Fly Ass Furries

As a former mascot I detest the thought of Furries. They ruin the fur based antics I used to get in by degrading people in costume. And what kinda redneck needs to hump while covered in fur, you know how hot it gets in those things?! Well it’s good to see them evolve a bit […]

Photo Phun

I love when people come on a forum and ask for help. Usually, it doesn’t work out the way you expected.

Bombs Over Toronto

I’m off to Toronto tomorrow. It’s time for Gunny’s Eve intervention so I will do my best to free him from the shackles of interplanetary RPGing and return him to the fold. But when I get back you’ll all be ensconced in the world of Warhammer, battling the do gooder Order side. While you wait […]

One Expensive Membrane

Howard Stern continues to try and push the envelop with his newest stunt. Auctioning off a girls virginity is nothing new, back in the day this is basically what an arranged marriage was. You give me your cow and some gold, I give you my fresh daughter. Anyways, if you want to de-flower her you’ll […]


So like any good Canadian, on Saturday I am relaxing and watching American college football. Oh yes, eagerly awaiting the start of the Texas vs. UTEP game and what do I see on the good old ESPNage?? Some heavy petting. Take a look.

Beta Bullies Unite

The Warhammer Open Beta opened yesterday and by all accounts by the people who jumped in the game is actually quite fun. While it bears a lot of resemblance to WoW and graphically isn’t anything too special the real meta is the Realm vs. Realm battling, the scenarios you can PvP in and that you […]

Best of the Boob Tube

This is a great time for movies and shows. Some of the better movies of the year are in theaters and most of the top new shows are now beginning. So what better way to watch them from the comfort of your own home at your own godamn leisure! Here’s a few I’d recommend you […]


Allah Makes Me Look Good

Everyone has been waiting patiently for the Ht tee’s I had promised I’d make and don’t worry I am actually quite close to having them completed. Just have to work out shipping costs and price them and we’re good to go. In the meantime though, if you’re jonesing for Ht gear why not grab this […]

Roll a Right Winger

It’s that time of year again when both NHL titles go up against one another in the annual epic fail battle. Over the past few years the 2K series has been dominating but that was because EA didn’t have their priorities straight and kept releasing pretty bland versions. Well, a few years and a new […]