The Adventures of Dr. Loxopus Pilot

With the Warhammer release most of us have been grinding away and learning the nuances of this new MMO. The server we chose, Dark Crag, is definitely a competitive server but with that comes the highest population out of any of the servers. This means long queue times while we wait for a slot just to play the game. It sounds ridiculous to have to pay to wait to play a game but it’s the cost of having competition available to you day in and day out. So, with the boredome of sitting in a queue during the day (play late night to avoid it) I’ve been screwing around with a website called Go Animate! which lets you create your own animated cartoons. It’s a great evolution with flash interfaces that with minimal video editing experience you can create pretty detailed comic style flash movies. Here’s the first one I whipped up to experiment with.

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