April, 2008

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Can’t Retire the Madden Curse

When it comes to Quarterbacks it’s tough to discredit what Brett Favre accomplished in his years on the field. He never missed a game and threw a shitload of TD’s. He also played with passion, rare to see with todays athletes. While he’s still on the fence regarding retirement as he hasn’t signed the final […]

Hollywood Hatred

New motherfuckin’ Hulk trailer up in this. Looks like a lot of lies are happening around the Transformer 2 camp. The latest Dark Knight trailer is kinda meh… The upcoming G.I. Joe movie is gonna suck ball sweat severely. Lastly, Hollywood’s perennial cumrag Corey Haim is back!

You Fat Fucker!

Guys, I’ll be honest with ya. I worry about you nerdmongers. Sitting in front of the computer all day eating fatty foods isn’t going to do much for your health. So please, I emplore you to be healthy fat sweathogs! So to begin, let’s let one of our own go over his work-out regiment. So […]

Back to the Basics of Bludgeoning

The other big news in our gaming world is that the Age of Conan open beta begins in 2 days. For those curious if Ht is going to be playing this game, the answer is yes. While we’re not expecting to be in a die hard guild format this time around where everyone has to […]

BF Heroes Habitat

Battlefield Heroes has released a teaser video showing off some of the customization abilities for your character. But really, it’s just a nice sneak peek at how the game will look and right now it’s safe to say the cartooniness is going to make TF2 look like a sim FPS in comparison. Check it out.

Grand Theft Line-up

Everyone knows today is GTA Day. The fan boi’s have been huddled outside the nerd stores for the midnight release and at 2am last night I had 8 people already playing it on my Friends list. Jeez guys, impatient much? Ok, so the game’s worth it as we’ve seen from all the Justin.TV feeds and […]

GTA Day, 1 Sleep Away

Tomorrow is one of the most anticipated days in video game history. I’ve never seen a game release like this one, people have been watching feeds of GTA 4 gameplay all weekend, fiending to play it themselves. No game’s ever had that kind of buzz and after watching the feeds it’s looking like it may […]

Movie Mash-up

It’s a dreary start of the week and because of that, you need some time wasters. With all the videos that get posted in #Hostile each day it’s surprising that most don’t end up on here but as you can see by this one, it’s probably best they don’t. Still, here’s a collection of videos […]

Grand Theft Leakage

Funny Because It’s True

Zero Punctuated

The Escapist continues to hit the nail on the head of developers worldwide as he reviews all of the top releases out there. The newest in his shame game is for Super Smash Brawl, a pretty good game so let’s see what he thinks of it…

March of the MP3

Nine Inch Nails have released their newest single for free.

Comical Cooch

The New York Comicon is underway and when you get a billion nerds in one place there’s only one real way to entice them and it’s with hot chicks in costumes. Normally, this is a slam dunk and they will slobber to each booth just to see the hint of cleavage. But, as you can […]

Why Hello There

Heads Will Roll…

Age of Conan doesn’t like you. It doesn’t need or want you. I’m talking to you, Joe Public. It has no room for auto-attack, heal-bots, bad-word filters, and whining teenagers who cry “overpowered!” to the class that just killed them. It purposely alienates the WoW crowd and doesn’t apologize for it. I was lucky enough […]