Can’t Retire the Madden Curse

When it comes to Quarterbacks it’s tough to discredit what Brett Favre accomplished in his years on the field. He never missed a game and threw a shitload of TD’s. He also played with passion, rare to see with todays athletes. While he’s still on the fence regarding retirement as he hasn’t signed the final papers yet it was a safe bet this year that EA went and got him for the cover of Madden ’09. The Madden curse can’t possibly knock out a retired player can it?

But is Brett Favre the best QB of our era? Is it Peyton? Nope, it’s Peyton’s li’l bro Eli. Sure he’s had his ups and downs but so would you playing in Giants Stadium. But now with a Superbowl and MVP behind him you’ll see Eli become one of the greatest QB’s of all time. So thank you EA for not going for the obvious best QB out there and going with a wrinkly old prune of a QB to kill off with your cursed cover. Click the jump to watch Favre’s progression through the years in Madden and also the dark side of Peyton Manning.

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