Grand Theft Line-up

Everyone knows today is GTA Day. The fan boi’s have been huddled outside the nerd stores for the midnight release and at 2am last night I had 8 people already playing it on my Friends list. Jeez guys, impatient much? Ok, so the game’s worth it as we’ve seen from all the Justin.TV feeds and now we all get to see it for ourselves. I know a few Hostile 360 haters have already sucked it up and purchased a 360 just to play this.

Myself, I used to work for Rockstar Games so I am fully aware of the trials and tribulations that go through getting this game made. From the first iteration and on, this is a tough game to make. Open world sandbox games are on par with MMO creation due to the sheer scope of the world and the interactivity that needs to be there. Luckily having Vice City and San Andreas to build upon, GTA 4’s world is so rich and populated that we’ll have tons of hours of blatant destructive fun even with a multitude of bugs. But the real kicker for this game is the multiplayer. If it’s good and allows for teamplay this game could live for a full year of popularity. It’s funny that Saints Row, a blatant GTA clone is going to try and release their Gary Busey fueled sequel to go up against it. Idiots.

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