Movie Mash-up

It’s a dreary start of the week and because of that, you need some time wasters. With all the videos that get posted in #Hostile each day it’s surprising that most don’t end up on here but as you can see by this one, it’s probably best they don’t. Still, here’s a collection of videos to waste some of your Monday so you can get through it thoroughly entertained.

The first video explains how the idealogy of the 10th dimension works in a way that you may actually understand. Or not.


Nicholas White works at Business Week in Manhattan. He was working late and decided to go out for a smoke. Upon returning he ended up trapped in an elevator. What is shown here is a time lapse video of him spending 40 hours trapped.I’m sure most of us have never heard of Cordyceps Fungi. It’s a parasite that affects insects in a most gruesome manner. So let’s watch!!

Canada is the best place on earth, here’s some facts to prove it!

Interesting Facts About Canada – Watch more free videos

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming movie The Babysitters. Why do you care? Let’s just say…under-age call girls anyone? Expect some flack on this one.Here’s another trailer, for the upcoming movie called ‘The Wackness’ which will star Ben Kingsley and Method Man?? Nice combo there!

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