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CEVO TF2 Playoffs Round 1 Recaps

Nothing is better than having actual footage and stuff when talking about a match. Well those guys over at Team Fortress TV did that and more! They compiled the demos they were able to get their hands on of the matches in round 1 and made a 30 minute video of it. They have some […]

Chapelle Lives!

No joke! This video surfaced a few days ago and it’s frigging funny, well I laughed my ass off. Don’t know about everyone else out there. Chapelle appears down in London over at Kojo’s Comedy Funhouse. The video is embedded after the jump, I marked it NSFW just in case your job doesn’t like it.

New TF2 Update… Hurray!

With the new night comes a new TF2 update, interesting how Valve always releases these things around 7PM PST… isn’t that when most clans are having matches or scrimmages?! Anyways this update fixes a few exploits here and there but the biggest thing is the Source SDK, not sure if that is part of the […]

Slight Adjustment

There needs to be a slight adjustment to Mad’s post about who we are going against. CEVO went ahead and shuffled around some teams because people were bickering about this and that, the biggest cry was about how the wildcards were seeded. So they got pushed to the bottom of the barrel in seeding and […]

Don’t Forget!

It’s that time of year again, the time when you turn those sons of bitches backwards and gain an hour of time. In past years it was supposed to happen last week but this year it was pushed back a week. Things can be quite confusing, here Rang comments about the time change. < Rang […]

More Cowbell!

Just when you thought the onslaught of rhythm games was over, out comes Guitar Hero 3 for just about every system. If you can’t get enough of Guitar Hero 2, I don’t see why you haven’t picked this up yet. They even have a wireless guitars for all of the systems it is on. For […]

Ace Combat 6

Come on flight junkies, come out of the woodwork and rock out on some Ace Combat 6. I haven’t gotten a chance to indulge in the game yet due to Team Fortress 2 business but I did purchase the super bundle with the sticks and shit. From my understanding, you can coop over Xbox Live […]

TF2 Update on XBOX 360

To those poor saps that play Team Fortress 2 on the XBOX 360, I pity you. But if you really do insist on playing then you should start rejoicing because there is a new update for you guys. These are the items up on the console update: • Reduced network bandwidth usage in multiplayer. • […]

Holding Down the Fort

Looks like I’ll be manning this for the weekend as others have left for the weekend. I’m not a witty poster like Mad but I have my highlights. Valve has updated TF2 and I believe almost all of our servers have been updated. You can check out the

IRC Quote of the Moment

< Rang > argh friend is trying to convince me that tf2 on the 360 is more than satisfactory < Sythar > lol thats like trying to convince a homo that a vagina is more satisfying

E For All

Ignore warning’s double post, sometimes he is just a forgetful person. In other news, today begins the new experimental convention called E For All or Entertainment For All over at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I call it experiment because it was spawned due to the collapse of E3 last year, yet it doesn’t have […]

“New” [Ht] TF2 Server

Recently we have added another server to our ranks. [Ht]kmn ponyed up the funds for this puppy but here is the information || [Ht] San Jose Slaughter || Host: [Ht]kmn Of course if you didn’t notice yet, there is the Ht Servers on the right side. It brings you directly to the server listings. […]

This is What I Think of Halo 3

Halo sucks, get over it

Clothes Made Out of Condoms

I shit you not, the pictures on the following link has clothes and accessories full of condoms. Condom Artwork

Hellgate London Beta Signups Are Open

In spite of having the Crysis beta open and having the Team Fortress 2 “beta” open as well, another beta signup has popped up. The game I have been ragging on for quite a while finally opened signups for a chance to get into the beta. Yes, it is Hellgate London. Of course there are […]