Drop The Puck Already

1 more week hockey fans. Then, NHL 11 and all it’s shiny glory.

For those who haven’t seen what is easily the best sports game out there, the NHL series offers an MMO league style of online play (EASHL) where you level up a single player and have him compete in either pub matches or club matches. Clubs are clans, that form to compete for the trophies and with the simulation so insanely spot on for this game it’s quite a deep experience on how rich the experience can be. A lot of people aren’t into sports games and I get that, not knowing players or the more advanced rules of a sport does put you at a disadvantage initially. But let us not forget that sports games offer something most online games don’t offer anymore. A level playing field (except Madden). There’s a reason 2fort5 was 2 mirrored bases. Let the skill be the advantage in games, so that then all it takes is a little practice to become an elite player.

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