August, 2010

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Throw Down Like A Drunk Clown Listening to James Brown

I think it’s high time we threw the fuck down once again! Here’s a collection of music videos you can Kevin your Bacon to.

Meet the Fucker

Everyone’s busy playing Starcraft 2 and waiting for cool mods for it but let’s harken back to some TF2 which continues to expand. Valve plans to keep infusing the game with completion of the Meet the Classes additions and has announced that this month we’ll get a new game mode, 20 new weapons and hats […]

The Wrong Path

Dragons Discovered

Oh yes, a new reptilian flying species has been found! Check the footage.

An Urban Art Hero

Most of you noobs probably don’t even know who Banksy is. But his work has popped up in Africa.

Pervy Pelts

Gasmask Girls

South Park has long been the perfect vehicle for shock value to the general public. In the episode Blue Balls, Randy Marsh needs access to the internet so he can watch, well this… WARNING, very NSFW!!


Is the PS3 on the verge of being moddable? It sure looks like it.

Grime Time

A few years ago I posted a street performer named Dub FX. He’s a jungle MC who improvises on the fly, in the street. He’s gone a bit more legit since being noticed. Here’s his latest offerings.

Bedlam in BlackOPS

So happy to see the multiplayer trailer for CoD BlackOPS get released today! We get to see what new toys are in store for us on top of the best multiplayer layout so this was much anticipated. On first glance it’s just more MW2 with a bit more polish but then what did you expect? […]

The Beantown Bullies Chinatown Massacre

We’ve all seen those obnoxious drunk people that become more beligerent and violent the drunker they get. They are everywhere it seems. It’s amazing that in the US alcohol is sold everywhere yet weed is still illegal. People high on weed are predictable and unmotivated while on alcohol they become unpredictable and quite unstable. Here […]

Heart of a Lion

This is why you don’t fuck around with Canadian geese.


TF 40K

What would happen if you mixed Warhammer 40K and TF2? Well, this.

Diagonal Dodger

HTML 5 is coming at us faster than a meteor hellbent to destroy our entire civilization and there’s nothing you can do about it except embrace it. Supposedly it will phase out Flash altogether so that is a good thing! But what else will occur? Will the giants jump on board and make technology even […]