Burn After Downloading

If you’re like me you don’t enjoy being ripped off to see a movie in a theater nowadays. Between the wallet gouging, uncomfortable seats, stupid people talking and not turning their phones off and of course having to leave the safeness of your home it just isn’t worth it anymore and gives more viability to downloading movies. Of course, any movie worth seeing is never properly ripped to watch it seems. Well, that is not always the case. Occasionally a proper R5 rip will come out and save the day! Here’s 2 just released R5’s to grab:

Burn After Reading
The Coen Brothers are so hot right now after their previous Oscar winning movie and this one of course can not live up to those expectations. But it’s not horrible by any means, it’s got a great cast and progresses at a nice place. But it’s not spectacular and is a good reason to watch it for free at your own convenience.Even if it’s just for Brad Pitt’s zany character.

Bangkok Dangerous
This is a perfect example of a movie that you should never ever ever pay money to see. It’s horrible but in a fun way of sitting through it laughing at every implausible scene. Nick Cage, in an obvious wig, plays a hitman who hits up Bangkok to do some work and of course things go awry when the guy who hires him turns on him! Throw in a love story with some deaf girl and you have the makings of another Nick Cage masterpiece. If it wasn’t for the Wicker Man this would be near his worst ones.

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