Downward Spiral Defense

There was a TF2 patch today and it had one significant change. No more friendly fire!?!? Wow. I think this just shows the changes we’re all expecting to help with balancing for clan play aren’t coming and their big picture is mass market appeal and not the TF community that has been waiting for 10 years for this. Click the jump for all the changes.

Updates to Team Fortress 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The specific changes include:

* Fixed a crash with ATI cards running on Vista
* Fixed a networking problem that could cause a crash certain types of home networking hardware with out of date firmware installed
* Fixed a networking problem that could cause some animation jittering
* Fixed bug causing incorrect .dem files to be written (all files after first .dem file would be corrupted)
* Fixed bug with placement of teleporters that could result in players being unable to move
* Removed mp_friendlyfire cvar for servers. Team Fortress 2 breaks in a number of ways if this is on
* Fixed some truncated strings in the destroy menu
* Spectators can now see all player classes in the scoreboard
* When a round finishes, if there’s less than 5 minutes left on the timelimit, the server now goes ahead and switches level right away, instead of going into Sudden Death
* The affinity of the main thread is not set explicitly for dedicated servers. This will properly load balance multiple instances of the dedicated server running on a multi-processor machine. The affinity is still set to CPU 1 for clients and listen servers
* Fixed crash on startup
* Fixed crash caused by .dlls being loaded from the user’s path, instead of from the install directory

* Removed background map due to incompatibilities
* Optimized sound system
* Fixed a Direct3d device restore problem causing crash and/or black screen
* Fixed Windows Vista crash bug
* Fixed achievement manager crash
* Fixed occasional sniper zoom crash

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