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Gasmask Girls

South Park has long been the perfect vehicle for shock value to the general public. In the episode Blue Balls, Randy Marsh needs access to the internet so he can watch, well this… WARNING, very NSFW!!

The Beantown Bullies Chinatown Massacre

We’ve all seen those obnoxious drunk people that become more beligerent and violent the drunker they get. They are everywhere it seems. It’s amazing that in the US alcohol is sold everywhere yet weed is still illegal. People high on weed are predictable and unmotivated while on alcohol they become unpredictable and quite unstable. Here […]

Heart of a Lion

This is why you don’t fuck around with Canadian geese.

Photo Bomber

I love a good photobombin’…

Hostile Fakeover v3.0

Hey look, someone on Facebook is raping our name and images. Normally I’d unearth the demons of IRC to show up at their flag football games and molest all their fat girlfriends but you have to understand that when you’ve become an internet icon for many to worship and masturbate to you’re going to get […]

Ghetto Gestation

I know what you’re thinking right now. I have 10 minutes to spare and want to watch a pregnant woman brawl on the streets of Oakland. Well you came to the right place.


Definitely one of the weirdest things to happen this week was the appearance of digital drugs. Supposedly kids were now getting high of off listening to certain mp3s. The gullible parents of course freak, believing this to be possible and the outrage ensues. It’s sad how quickly society will jump on something they know nothing […]

More Than Meets The Eye

Did you actually think chicks doing Cosplay was hot? Well, check this first.

Gabe Newell of Valve

6 Months Behind Bars

This looks like a very very interesting HBO documentary.


Just when you thought you’ve seen every type of pron this comes along.

Progressively Repugnant

Ok I will admit it, I am an achievement whore. But at least I am not this guy. Did he get that girlfriend as a prize?

Fortress Fashion

I had posted the cosplay TF Soldier a few weeks ago… Here are the rest of the photos.

Liquid Lubrication

I’ll admit, I am a fan of Great Moments in Drunken Hookup Failures.

Eat Da Poo Poo

A lot of people ask me if Od3rus is in Hostile Takeover. I always reply yes, for many years actually and they always ask why? I think that’s kind of a rude question to ask but I guess since Odie basically just sits in IRC and makes fun of us all for actually playing games […]