HostileCon 2010

Traveling is always fun as long as you know what you’re going to be doing. Be it New York or Dubai, always go prepared. Your next big trip will be to attend HostileCon 2010 in Vegas. Don’t just show up with a box of condoms and facepaint please, here’s some advice.

Pack up your camouflage thongs and plenty of lube because this is gonna be off the hook! Don’t book a hotel just yet as we’ll be working out group rates or housing rentals. We are planning for everyone who has one to bring their significant other so it’s not going to be pure debauchery. However the singles will get plenty of chances to re-populate Vegas through a series of challenges I’ll be throwing out. That’s right, this ain’t no LAN party gayness the geeks are used too! We’ll have prizes for shit you can pull off over the 3-4 nights. We’re all older and wiser so expect to re-enact some scenes from The Hangover and most likely end up out in the desert buck naked and covered in cod liver oil and scorpions. Now that’s a vacation!

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