June, 2008

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Copycat Consoles

There’s some pretty big gaming news that’s been surfacing lately. No, it’s not that you can now play Spore’s character creator. It’s about the big console boys and their jealousy of Nintendo technology. PS3 is rumoured to already have Wiimote style controller in the works, which isn’t a huge surprise. The big surprise is Microsoft. […]

Choking the Chicken

I find this music video slightly disturbing…

Hooked on Hookers

This one goes out to Alc or any other deviant that is going to end up bumpin’ uglies with streetwalkers. It’s a risky venture to be procuring sex off the streets but if this is your only option then you need to make sure you’re safe and secure and don’t end up in prison. So […]

Kill This Angel

I really need to go back to this thread and add Criss Angel to my list. As much as I love a good magician tripping me out this guy just puts the whole profession to shame with the level of audacity he thinks he can pull off. Maybe Americans are this stupid and fall for […]

Only Way I’m Getting A Mammoth…

Spore Springs A Leak

One of the most anticipated PC games on the horizon is most definitely Spore. This game is going to show how well video games have evolved by letting the worlds AI control the game and not scripted sequences. It’s very ambitious and if they can deliver everything they’ve promised it will be amazing. But, the […]

The Clueless Camper

I know TF2 has been dead to us for quite awhile and the video I have for today pretty sums up one of the reasons why. Noobs!! While it is a great game the competition side of things just isn’t there when it comes to TF2 as Valve really didn’t give much support for making […]

Oh It’s Go Time

The Hyborian Habitat

The guild in Age of Conan has been prospering and we’ve got our first 80, Bucky, with a few more on the horizon. End game raiding and PvP is now there for the taking as is our city construction as all tier 1 buildings have now been built. We’re still waiting for a lot of […]

Lighthouse Lovin’

Reinventing Hot Boxing

A couple of weeks back I had posted up a video of a girl playing Wii Fit and we knew that this was a major selling point for the men. In fact, it helped sway my decision on purchasing it myself and I do admit, the game is quite fun and useful. With 4 categories […]

Soccer Sluts

Well the obligatory Euro babes thread has begun now that the Euro Cup is underway. But now that this has become a cultural addiction every time nations battle against one another there’s blogs devoted to it. Even FoxSports has jumped on this gravytrain. Don’t worry it’s worksafe, no hair creeping out of bikini lines or […]

James Cameron, Film Director and Prophet

Oh man, when I read this I immediately began packing my shit and find a nice cabin way up north where the robots won’t be able to get me. Hasn’t anyone else ever seen this movie? Don’t they know the repercussions? You don’t go and name your technology after an apocalyptic calamity!! DUH.

Censorship Sucks

You know when something gets censored they always add that stupid black censor bar?? God it’s annoying! OK, sure sometimes I don’t want to see some dudes twig n’ berries dangling out but sometimes I do want to see some dumb chick in a reality show trying so hard to win a challenge she doesn’t […]

The Art of Linkography

There comes a time in a bloggers life where he has to sit back and just let the links takeover. That time is now young internetinites!! That’s right, it’s time to linkstigate. Remember, you must click every link in the post or you will be stricken with ovarian cancer and never be able to give […]