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No Fluff Fan Films

You have to admit, sometimes fan made movies can be quite amazing. Especially with all of these Hollywood horror shows as they try and recreate our favorite games into believable movies and do a horrible job of it. Thanks a lot Uwe Boll you douche. Here’s a collection of some of the best fan made […]

Don’t Tweet Me, Bro!

Everyone is on Twitter now. Has it jumped the shark? Maybe. Most view it as a superficial approach to social networking and they are totally right. While it is about broadcasting what you’re doing and thinking it’s not what everyone thinks. Most think it’s about some random person you follow that says “At a party […]

1st Encounter

Ok guys, here’s some information you’ll need when ‘they’ visit.

Going Back In Time

Here’s a deal you consolers can’t pass up. Buy Singularity and get Prototype for free. First of all, Singularity is going to be a great game, they have taken forever to release it so that it can be a top tier title and it’s premise is very intriguing. But, if you haven’t played Prototype then […]

Touch Screen Tantrums

To iPad or to not. That is a question many of us will ask ourselves before shelling out big bucks for a luxury item. So is it worth it? The reviews are positive even without the multitasking or flash support. Bright screen and long battery life definitely have helped brighten the launch as over 500,000 […]

Digital Daters

If you are single and use the internet to get girls… Then click and read.

Redneck Rampage: Burger Edition

Just another reason not to be in some greasy burger joint at 3am…

Battle for the Territory that houses the Battery?

Wow. Recently we’ve seen a few game companies deliberately copying proven games like Gears of War and World of Warcraft. Here’s the latest one called weirdly enough, Battle Territory Battery which is a direct rip-off of Modern Warfare 2 except on the Unreal engine. Check out the trailer after the break.


Here’s a li’l something to catch your friends on what naughty stuff they have been surfing for. Sometimes the internet is shady, so throw it back in their faces!

Poopsock the Paladin

Plenty of my friends have inquired about MMORPG’s in the past, wanting to know if they should play them. I always immediately say no. You could end up like this guy.

I’m Avatar Rich Bitch

If you’re a fan of playing mock stocks and you also watch TMZ then you will love this. The website HSX allows people to play a form of fantasy stock exchange that uses movie grossings and celebrities as the form of currency. So for instance, if you invested in Lindsay Lohan and any Eddie Murphy […]

Russian Poopsocks

Allods Online is now in Open Beta. This means they will not be wiping characters so get your grind on if interested. You can grab the client for this Free2Play MMO and I’d recommend you read Bucky’s thread to get up to speed. You might even want to plan out a class before starting as […]

Hello God? It’s Me-Me

Who doesn’t love it when the Internets dupe stupid religious people??

The RocketJump

Well, Valentine’s is over and most likely all of you nerds were busy playing video games instead of making some poor girl happy for 1 day in her miserable life. What the hell is wrong with you people. Without women this planet would die, put the controller down and go procreate. What you need to […]

4chan 4ever

You’ve heard of 4chan but most likely were too scared to look. That’s good, not for the general public anyways. But if you’re interested in the background behind it and the founder Moot, then watch this.