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The Watchers Wait

With the recent PS4 announcement we were delivered more gameplay footage of Ubisofts upcoming fall release of Watch Dogs. There’s also this viral site that was found in the footage. Interesting…

Eye in the Sky

We’re at the beginning of the Big Brother age folks. You’ll eventually be filmed doing everything outside of your home and you will have no choice in the matter. But why fight it, embrace it! Here, you can watch hundreds of people all over the world right now thanks to embedding of webcams everywhere. Report […]

Beta Season

There seems to be an abnormal amount of MMO’s going into beta right now. For seasoned gamers, you’ll know that getting into a closed or open beta is a great way to not only try before you buy but also see which class/skill set you’d like to work for on the games launch. Since the […]

End of Season Scoreboard

Our Fantasy Football leagues all concluded for the season last week. Here’s the results: Ht Dynasty (year 5) 2012 Champ – Vane ($300) 2012 Runner-up – Valence Toilet Bowl – Cijid (free entry) Ht Open (year 7) 1st – Kamen 2nd – Mad 3rd – Kenyon  

Play In The Dark

Have you ever noticed that in film, a horror movie comes out every week. But in games we are lucky to see one a year. If you look back over the history of horror video games it’s a few Asian franchises that have been so dulled down to please the masses that there’s no scare left in […]

The Story of Notch

If you’re a gamer you are well aware of Minecraft. The sandbox builder was a game changer when it hit the scene and is the only game to ever topple a Call of Duty from the XBox Live top played chart. And it’s an indie game, made by one man. Well, I don’t need to […]

Evil Mastermind

We’ve been around gaming and the communities within for almost 2 decades now. For the uninitiated there is plenty of drama that occurs in the midst of these communities. While most of these soap operas do occur in the standard MMOs such as Everquest or WoW one of the most memorable ones occurred in Eve […]

Skrillex Quest

Ht Video

We’ve consolidated a few of our old videos onto a Ht Youtube channel. Please subscribe as we’ll be pushing Planetside 2 videos there from our community. For members, you can add videos here (member only link). We also have tons of old QWTF matches up there thanks to Tickenest if you’re curious what online gaming […]

NC vs TR vs VS

For the Ht PS crew, their new adventures have them locked in an ongoing inter-planetary struggle between the 3 factions. While each faction mirrors the other in what’s available the differences in their equipment is what differentiates them from each other. Unfortunately, this can lead to balancing issues which can be pretty much summed up […]

Ree4, the C4 Whore

Let’s watch him farm, shall we?

Happy Shoot People In The Face Day

Well, Planetside 2 is out. We’ve got a large outfit running in the game so if you end up playing it hit up our forums for more info. To celebrate, here’s some PS Cakes. Notice the tag on the top of the NC one hmm?

Hostile Biters

Check out these little Asian fuckers biting our name and assets. So I guess the question is, the standard licensing complaint or the tried and true unleash internet-based hellfire upon them as retaliation? Their non-existent DOTA skills won’t help when we show up at their front door. What say you Hostiles?

Wake Up The Troops!

It’s been a year since our last update. This was intentional. Hibernation is essential to combat training. With Planetside 2 release imminent it looks like this site will be updated again so don’t just skip to the forums anymore you greedy li’l buggers. There’s a bunch of things in the works and already going on […]

Hostile Hiatus

As you may have noticed there’s been a lack of posts in the past month here on Hostilism. I currently am just too busy to get my blog on and am looking for new posters for the site. We’ll only consider people we’ve known in the clan scene the last few years, so if you’re […]