Superbowl Slaughterday

As most will know the NFL is a pretty popular topic in IRC as many pigskin poofters watch games and curse fantasy players. This years Superbowl hasn’t been much debated as both teams are pretty neutral, well in the fact no one gives a shit about them. But still, someone has to win so let’s see who it’ll be so you can make some money off your dumb friends. First we’ve got the prancing Cardinals, known for their high octane offence and led by old man Warner. The Cardinals have always been a cursed franchise; having more losses than wins in any given season since as far back as anyone can remember. Their most famous player is fictional and any Hall of Fame players they have had go there to die there. While Fitz and Boldin have a chance to blow out any game there is still one ominous curse that will be in the stadium that day. Yup, Brenda. As for those Steelers it’s a no brainer. One of the most successful franchises of all time, a history for punishing defenses that is back this year in a big way. Their offense is adequate and can grind when needed they are easily the juggernauts in this match-up. All the Cardinals need to realize is that they are just like Samson and if you cut the hair they will falter. But the reality in this match-up is that the Steelers will prevail this Sunday and will punish Kurt Warner like his church choir does to him in the off-season. Steelers 31 Cardinals 13!

Oh..and go Giants!! Free Plaxico!!

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