January, 2009

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TF2’s Spygate

Although I rarely get the chance to screw around in TF2 anymore I have to admit I am happy to see them continuously upgrade the game with class specifics and achievements. I always was under the assumption they’d release the game with 9 classes and a few maps and let the community create new maps […]

Rhythm Nation

Are you a Rock band/Guitar Hero addict? Do you find yourself feeling inadequate with those crappy plastic guitars? Well, I have a $250 solution for you!

Little People Laugher

It’s Friday so you know what that means, time to boogie!

Where’s The Sniper?

Speaking of Obama, if you had watched the inauguration the other day I am sure you were wondering if a sniper was perched somewhere waiting to end the revitalization of the United States. Well, it turned out there was no sniper but that doesn’t have to stop you from searching for one. Check this image […]

Obama Gets Serious

When the world is in trouble, who do you call? President Obama of course! Here he comes to begin the nWo so alert LOx. Here is some more Obama figures for your delight. (Don’t miss the Obama vs Darth Vader)


On a grassy field in the middle of the city you might find two men swordfighting… Google Maps link

Quake Live Guide

A lot of people are playing Quake again! This is always good news. Lets get into how to set up your Quake Live to separate yourself from the hordes of noobs that will soon be all over Quake Live when it opens. The first thing we need to do is get you using the console. […]

Dark Side Racer

A SHAKA To You Too!

In Plain Sight

Straker pointed out this li’l game called Plain Sight in IRC today. Check out the gameplay footage. It’s a 3rd person deathmatch style game that looks quite simplistic. If you want to give it a whirl they just opened the beta so you can head over here and grab it. What have you got to […]

Do It Live!!

While we sit around waiting for new FPS titles to hit we have to slum it up in other games. One game a bunch are currently playing is Quake Live. If you haven’t gotten a beta invite yet just hit up IRC or our forums and ask someone to send you an invite. Once you’re […]

What The Wii

For those out there who bought a Wii and now have it collect dust because you don’t want to waste $50 on a game you’ll play for 5 minutes, I feel your pain. I am in the same boat, great console for party games but there’s on inherent problem. I don’t like people enough to […]

Flower Power

For those few who own a PS3, here’s a new game to play while REALLY high. Check out Flower. Damn, I’m tripping out just watching the footage.

Yes We Can! (No You Can’t)

So today is the big day Americano’s! Change is here. Obama is here to save the day! 4 million+ braved the cold to witness the first assassination attempt…err, sorry the first inaugural presidential speech by a black man! So now that he’s in office what will he do to bring change? Won’t it take a […]

Play the Classics

Check out which game is featured on this weeks MODMonday!!!