District 9

For those who enjoy a good sci-fi flick then you’ve already seen District 9. If you haven’t then you’re just an idiot. This was an absolutely amazing flick as it did two things very, very right. Told an interesting story in a creative manner and made the visuals so enthralling you could never look away. Using no name actors in setting you’re not used to seeing really made it realistic and the seamlessness of the aliens into the world was done perfectly. The story itself revolves around 1 man, who works for the super conglomerate that houses the alien visitors. They are instructed to move the inhabitants to another area and must serve eviction notices. A series of events from this transpires that leads to some very interesting things. One of the things I loved was how the lead character is actually very annoying and grating but when forced to be a man he does and you forgive him for it. I knew about the director, Neill Blomkamp from him going to VFS, a local school here but wasn’t aware of this project in the works. What I really want to know is, why isn’t this a video game yet? Check out the video that spawned this movie, his pitch video after the break and don’t forget to go see this movie!

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