Visual Vindication

Amazing photos? Yes please!!

Let’s start with some photos from space.

Now let’s move over to some killer photos of 3D murals.

That’s all I’ve got for now so quit bugging me asshole.

6 Responses to “Visual Vindication”

  1. PacoDG  Says:

    I don’t know who is the asshole bothering you, but.. god bless that person. Good links, love space photos, and the 3D murals were awesome.

  2. [Ht]SgtMAD  Says:

    Nasa used to transmit the feed from the shuttle bay while the astronauts used to be in sleep periods,I watched thunderstorms over south america,shit we would get high and just watch nasa tv with the sound turned down listening to music.

    but all that stopped one day when we were watching lights moving below the shuttle that looked like it might be a satellite or aircraft but then this one very bright light that was moving at a very high rate of speed does a goddamn 90 degree turn and shoots up from the planet and out of the frame towards space,it was the goddamnest thing i ever saw in the hours i spent watching Nasa TV.

    after that there has never been an uneditted video shot broadcast,you can get glimpses of the earth when the astronauts are working outside but you never get the open feed like you used to.

  3. [Ht]Mad  Says:

    Were you smoking anything at the time? :p

  4. [Ht]SgtMAD  Says:

    try watching Nasa Tv during the shuttle missions,you will see that they do not show clear shots of the earth anymore,I had DirectTV for over a year and watched numerous missions and made a point of noting what they broadcasted because the pictures were always so friggin cool when they would run the shuttle bay cameras pointed at earth for hours.

    if you manage to see a glimpse of the earth it is over the shoulder of an astronaut on an EVA,sometimes they run the shot from the space station of the shuttle approaching but never an open feed.

  5. [Ht]SgtMAD  Says:

    found it on the interweb

    watch this this go zooming out of the frame.

  6. [Ht]warning  Says:

    That is neat I wish I had NasaTV.

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