For Your Consideration

It’s that time of year where all the movies for Oscar consideration get leaked. Now I’m sure you couldn’t give two shits about that but what really rules is that all of those movies get screener’ed overnight and all the movies in theaters are now watchable in great quality in the comfort of your own home. Thank god because during the holidays all the good shows go on hiatus and any way i can avoid all the retarded holiday programming I’ll take. So here’s a collection of some of the new screeners posted in the past week and remember not all of them are out yet so keep an eye out in the Pirates Bay Top 100 for new ones posted.

The Wrestler 1.38gb
Darren Aronofsky is an amazing director (Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain) and is back with a character piece of a wrestler and his struggles with life. Because this stars Mickey Rourke and his deformed face, I am sure this will be tough to watch as his plastic surgery mishaps have really made him a ghoulish figure. As with most rips it’s a bit dark but very watchable and I definitely enjoyed this movie even though you had to watch an elderly Marisa Tomei dance naked.

Slumdog Millionaire 700mb
I don’t think this one is even out in theaters yet and it’s already being heralded as the movie of the year in some circles. It’s a hindi movie about a boy who ends up on Who Wants To Be An Indian Millionaire and shows how he got to that point and his tribulations behind it. I haven’t had a chance to check this one out yet but the reviews are just gushing and some say it’s the best movie they’ve ever seen so I guess we’ll have to at least take a look. As an added bonus here’s the M.I.A. track from the movie as well.

Seven Pounds 1.37gb
In 7 Pounds Will Smith pays an enormous price to right the wrongs he has made and this movie plays on the suspense of his motives to get there. While it’s a very depressing movie it is well done and you can tell Will Smith is the top guy in Hollywood to get this script because this is one of those flicks that really lets him become the focal point of everything you know while you watch it. The ratings for the movie aren’t good which surprises me.

Quantum of Solace 700mb
The latest installment in the Bond series is as impressive as I’ve seen in the past but the quality of this movie to me was all of the great action scenes and the intricacy of everything. Even though this is a stellar rip you’re never going to get the smoothness that a dvd or blu-ray is going to deliver but if you really want to see it this is a very acceptable device. Daniel Craig is a great Bond and while this one isn’t much different from any of the other ‘stop the evil super villain’ plots it’s still tense and absorbing and worth watching.

Gran Turino 1.37gb
Clint Eastwood’s supposed last acting performance is being well received and has definitely been in talks about the awards it will be up for. A story about a grizzled old man and his war with an azn street gang I look forward to seeing this one as nothing beats a crotchety old man wailing on some azns with his cane like he was back in ‘Nam high on heroin. I haven’t verified the quality on this one yet so don’t come crying to me if it isn’t up to your standards your majesty, sheesh.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 1.69gb
Ok, this movie looks kinda dumb. Brad Pitt is born as an old man and begins to age backwards, meanwhile he meets a very young Kate Blanchett and their lives entwine throughout the length of their lives. I know, corny but for some reason I still want to see it. Unfortunately the feedback on this screener is that it was originally encoded as a .mov file and the audio is borked halfway through thanks to 2 different audio channels. Brilliant. Skip it until it’s been re-posted properly folks.

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