November, 2007

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Fry’s Guys

For those who loved Futurama, you’ll want this. It’ll be in stores next week.

Shut Down Their Shit

So we’re approaching Christmas and you don’t know WTF you want anymore. You’ve got all the gadgets and socks you can stand and now you need to be creative when people ask you want you want this year. Well fear not young nerds because I have the perfect gift of technological mischief. So what you […]

A Month of Psychos

Ever heard of Psychonauts? Very underrated game. Play it for free till New Years.

PoD: DingleBerries

TF2 News

In TF2 news, CEVO has announced their upcoming TF2 season. Looks like clans won’t have to worry about forfeit after forfeit anymore as it is pay 2 play. At $15 for the entire season per player, it’s not bad at all. But will TF and TFCers, notorious for hating to pay2play adopt this style that […]

Call of Dallas 4

While we’re still rockin’ the TF2 I have to admit, Call of Duty 4 has been impressive enough to sway us on what to play nightly. The multi is very fun and the leveling system gives some nice progression and a reason to actually play it for hours on end. So Blackie, who also runs the […]

Be Kind To Mother Earth

You wouldn’t think an online gaming clan would be behind the environment, but with Al Gore’s scare tactics and the eventual demise of North America something must be done! Thankfully there are other hard working people behind the movement. Watch as the Green Team schools you on how you can make a difference:

Point of Impact

Vilepickle continues to emerge as the top TF2 mapper out there with another amazing QWTF remake. Go and download Impact and then pop on one of our servers to check it out!

Greasy Superpowers

Man are you guys in luck today. I managed to sneak out a copy of the upcoming Italian Spiderman movie! Check it:

Harry Potter & the Philipino Hookers

The Harry Potter franchise is pretty played out and has been looking at other avenues for storylines. So it came as no surprise when they approached members of the Hostile camp for inspiration. So look for the 7th sequel to the franchise soon with a very intriguing plot. Harry, played by kart of course, travels […]

Catch Up If You Can

I know we’re all busy staying queer with TF2 but… There’s lots of other gaming shit goin’ on! Jack Thompson gets owned hard via song Rainbow Six Vegas 2 announced, with a screenshot I found Optimus Prime while playing Assassin’s Creed Rock Band is out and there’s already new content Mass Effect is out too and seems […]

Push It

Oh Altair, you’re such a tough guy. Always pushing bitches around the streets of Jerusalem. My how the ladies must flock to you!

The Celebrity Grind

So does anyone still play WoW? By choice? Are there people out there just getting into WoW? There has to be, or why would they spend big bucks to get these celebs to do these commercials?


Finally, a full length trailer available! I am sure I won’t be the only one bowing to my J.J. Abrams statue tonight.

Laugh Clown

I had mentioned the big upsets last night in CEVO. Well, go here and you can download the demos of the aG vs. C. Opt upset.