Option for Comedy

For those who live in IRC as well as the real lifeness, you’ll know you have to be careful with the old copy n’ paste functions. Why? Well, in IRC when you highlight a body of text it automagically puts that text into the clipboard. So an accidental CTRL + V can paste something you didn’t want published. Here’s a good example of that as a li’l clan espionage gets pasted by accident by a soldier of Comedy Options in the #TF2scrim channel.

[axe][xil-break] soon to be re-designed.
[axe][axe] only way we’re joining a team is if they’re willing to pay our cevo fees
[axe][xil-break] haha, yes i know that is a current issue with alot of teams.
[axe][xil-break] Is that your only obstacle with taking my offer if agreed to support you guys so?
[axe] OH GOD
* Parts: axe

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