Da Assassin’s Code

So I finished up Assassin’s Creed today. Most people have been intrigued by this title but then back off when they hear that it’s a bit repetitive. Can’t blame for them that, there’s definitely a few repetitive natures to the game. But the enjoyable part is the production level of this title. Never have I been so enthralled with a next gen’s world and feel to the game. The look of everything is exhilarating and gorgeous. The fighting, albeit it rather easy, does get a bit more difficult and looks amazing as your hero Altair takes on 20 guards at once and chops them to pieces. Another issue people have is the storyline, that bleeds from the future to old crusader times. By the end you feel like you’ve stepped out of the Da Vinci Code. But there’s a lot to ingest here. I stumbled across this spoiler site that explains the very complex storyline ending. It also shows how they plan to make a trilogy of this title and this was only the beginning to the assassin stories.

For the achievement whores out there, I’ve collected all of the maps for flags. Check it out.

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