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Bombs Bunny & Friends

We may not bother with TF2 anymore but we love the creativity!

Preying Upon The Gullible

Hey, it’s the end of that day where you get to expose how stupid your friends and coworkers are by pranking them. I personally love it and just wait for the forced awkwardness that is bound to happen. You know that moment when someone gets all bothered right after they have been had by a […]

Fortress Follies

I see someone finally found a use for TF2.


Barely anyone plays TF2 anymore. So here’s some incentive, a griefer video!!

Pyro Torch

Fortress Follies

So the Demoman and Soldier updates are now live in TF2 and well, it seems they are putting it all on tracking how many of each class are killed. So great, now every game of TF2 you play isn’t filled with annoying spies and pyros but now soldiers and demos spamming it up. Oh I […]

Multiplayer Maps

Here’s an interesting article on some of the best multiplayer maps of all-time. The reason this is interesting isn’t because of the content as it’s all subjective to the gamer but it brings up a great question. What are the best multiplayer maps of all time? I know for most of us 2Forts will always […]

Pumpkin Fortress

I don’t think any of us still play TF2 but there’s still shit going on in that world. The other day they were selling TF2 off Steam for a measly $2.50! Then this fake engineer update surfaced. And now word is there’s a Hallowe’en patch!

Team Sadness

As always I like to find some Team Fortress tidbits to post up. While I did find this intriguing one it turns out to be a fake. Which is good because if you remember the fallout we had adding dogs to 2Forts in Mega TF then you’d know this would of been a horrible idea. […]

Welcome to the Hat Store

Don’t know if anyone even cares anymore but some TF2 Beta footage got leaked…

Close the Valve

So let me get this straight… The guys over Valve first fucked up on rewarding all the new items in TF2 randomly so the only way people could actually get them was by using idling programs. They then change the system and now award players who didn’t use these programs with a stupid halo? Jesus […]

Developers Cheat

I was playing TF2 the other day and this Robin guy kept killing me in one hit! Well now I know why, fuckin’ dev cheater asshole!!

Fraternity of Demomen

Caught Hurt Locker tonight. Great war movie set in Iraq about a bomb unit run by a suicidal Sergeant. The action is tense and it’s an interesting look into the Iraqi war but where the movie really succeeds is in an inside look into a bomb defuse unit. That shit would NOT be fun, not […]

Fortress Beatdown

Here’s another fortress flashback from many many moons ago, an Alliance match of [Ht] and [Djedi] vs. [MC] and [BH]. Videos and speedstats included, wicked. This is all we have left of the old TF world and Tickenest is doing the old community quite the service with all of his videos. So check this match […]

Gone Postal

We don’t always blow smoke up our own asses you know. Here’s an ancient link of [Ht] being pummeled by [CP] (Chaser Patrol) from 10 years ago.