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Happy Shoot People In The Face Day

Well, Planetside 2 is out. We’ve got a large outfit running in the game so if you end up playing it hit up our forums for more info. To celebrate, here’s some PS Cakes. Notice the tag on the top of the NC one hmm?

Hostiles in the Old Republic

Server: Mandalore the Indomitable Assemble here

Epic Battle

Alright motherfuckers, who wants to play some Blackops!! Bring your legos bitches…

Oldies but Goodies

It’s amazing that plenty of ancient games still have a ton of people playing them. There’s a few obvious ones in this list such as Counterstrike and Quake. But the one that has always amazed me is the original Everquest. It’s already had a sequel, which also has a large population, and is up to […]

Call of Duty is Always Calling

Way too addicted to Blackops. The Campaign was short but sweet, Zombie maps are a co-op challenge and the Multiplayer has plenty to do with 15 prestiges, combat training and the theatre to play with. It’s also the first game that is actually viable to play split screen. Sure you can find issues with the […]

Sims With Issues

It’s good to see people finally found a use for The Sims.


Everyone is playing Call of Duty Blackops right now. The poor PC players aren’t however, thanks to insane lag but the consolers are doing just fine. How long will this game last? Who knows, we already have a few people approaching their 5th prestige. But one thing we do know, we’re going to see a […]

Camping for Dinner

I know we’ll see it soon… Gaming themed restaurants. Here’s what the Halo one would be like.

1 Week Till War

We’re a week away from CoD: Blackops dropping. Everyone around here is salivating for it. Here’s the drool worthy launch trailer.

Loop de Loop

This is about as epic as it gets in an FPS game folks.


Whomever recreated a Planetside base in Minecraft is freakin’ crazy. Proof.


These are just adorable, aren’t they?

Christmas Wish List

I bet you didn’t even know that Valve sells a ton of cool shit off their site.


I know you all must be sick of Minecraft posts by now. But this one is important, give it a chance.

Planet Hostile

Well we now have a Minecraft server up @ so feel free to jump on and start exploring. Steal stuff and we’ll hunt you down and shit on your pillow. There’s some bugs of course but we’re expecting patches soon to fix damage but at least you can explore without consequence. There is also […]