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Hostiles in the Old Republic

Server: Mandalore the Indomitable Assemble here

Amazing Troll Video

Glad to be Back.

  Game On. 09/08/11

Hostile Hiatus

As you may have noticed there’s been a lack of posts in the past month here on Hostilism. I currently am just too busy to get my blog on and am looking for new posters for the site. We’ll only consider people we’ve known in the clan scene the last few years, so if you’re […]


Everyone is playing Call of Duty Blackops right now. The poor PC players aren’t however, thanks to insane lag but the consolers are doing just fine. How long will this game last? Who knows, we already have a few people approaching their 5th prestige. But one thing we do know, we’re going to see a […]

Huntin’ Through The Desert

If you haven’t noticed, Cijid has done up all the Fallout New Vegas locations.

Shaun the Prophet

<alc> people who dont believe that god created earth and then made his own son who is also him and then had his son who is also him get tortured and killed to show humans they shouldnt eat apples from trees on the advice of a talking snake is a sucker <alc> oops, i meant […]

FC Hostilism

Weirdly enough, a lot of Hostiles have been playing FIFA 11 a lot. I know, we’re a bunch of Americans, what business do we have playing this foreign sport?! It’s ok, we’re terrible. But again EA brings a quality feature set to a sports game where you level your Pro by accomplishing tasks throughout the […]

Planet Hostile

Well we now have a Minecraft server up @ so feel free to jump on and start exploring. Steal stuff and we’ll hunt you down and shit on your pillow. There’s some bugs of course but we’re expecting patches soon to fix damage but at least you can explore without consequence. There is also […]

Seedy Space Shenanigans

Everyone in #Hostile is aware of who ‘karttoon’ was in Eve Online and no, it’s not [Ht]Kart. Unfortunately we can’t divulge the identity of which Hostile was behind the subterfuge that occurred awhile back as he’d then have to fear for his life but CCP, the makers of the of the game recently released a […]

Fantasy Frolics

That’s right folks, it’s that great time of year when the NFL season begins and we escape the mundane Sundays with the old ladies for pigskin overloads. In #Hostile land we’ve got the 2nd year of our Dynasty Pool with [Ht]Kenyon taking over for that deadbeat BlackOPS who coincidentally, won last year. We also have […]

Hostile Fakeover v3.0

Hey look, someone on Facebook is raping our name and images. Normally I’d unearth the demons of IRC to show up at their flag football games and molest all their fat girlfriends but you have to understand that when you’ve become an internet icon for many to worship and masturbate to you’re going to get […]

Pigskin Season

It is year 6 for the free Ht Fantasy Football league on Yahoo. Since it’s always full this is your last chance to get in on the action since there is only 3 spots remaining. Winning means a year of bragging rights and your choice from the #Hostile harem. If you don’t get in you […]

Metaphorically Moronic

Yeah that’s right, we got metaphor splicing goin’ on in #Hostile. Riveting! <od3rus> step up to the plate and pick up a gauntlet <b|afk> don’t worry, odie’s bark is worse in one ear and bites out the other <b|afk> after all, a fool and his money don’t grow on trees <od3rus> Sometimes I feel like […]

100 Best Insults in Film

If there is one thing the #Hostile contingent is good at, it’s insults. We can make a grown man cry in a manner of minutes. Here’s some inspirations.