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Figurehead Fightin’

The Mob Glitches Out

Got 15 minutes to kill? Watch this…

Needles in a Flickstack

I haven’t posted any movies in awhile, since most of you already know how to find the big releases I thought I’d recommend a few movies you most likely haven’t seen or even never heard of. Enter the Void 1.37GB Now this is a movie that illicit drugs were made specifically for. An extremely trippy […]

Prop 19 Fail

Well California, I guess everyone who was supposed to vote for Prop 19 was too lazy and stoned to bother to vote. I really thought this one would go through, everyone thinks liberally in California and understands how much money this would bring in, or do they? Do they even understand how useful hemp is? […]

The Sicker Man

I love movies. I even love shitty movies. So when it came time to witness the shittiest movie in existence I was quite excited. But I couldn’t imagine that a movie could truly be this bad, I mean I have seen plenty of Uwe Boll movies in the past and with Nicholas Cage in the […]

Never Leave the House

Hmm, new release motion pictures right to your home, legally? Yes please. Too bad the ticket price will be laughable.

Bolly Will Give You Wood

It’s not often we are treated to amazing cinematic moments. It is even rarer to see it multiple times in one movie. But what makes what you’re about to see even crazier is that it smells like curried crotchness. Yup, coated like an indian wedding. Thank you international cinema, this is an amazing accomplishment.

Core Demographix

…and now, a word from our sponsors.

A Quarter Short

I know you all hate Twitter but really you all need to tune in and watch the demise of 50 Cent. He has been going off for a few days now and is freaking people out. This is nothing new for celebrities who tweet, with no filter on them their true craziness comes out and […]

Donut Disaster

Looking like a celebrity could be beneficial. Unless it’s like this.

The Last Chatorcist

What happens when you mix viral marketing and ChatRoulette? This awesomeness.

Throw Down Like A Drunk Clown Listening to James Brown

I think it’s high time we threw the fuck down once again! Here’s a collection of music videos you can Kevin your Bacon to.

Spider Rehab

I normally do not advocate testing on animals up here in Canada, except this.

Deliver Me To Hell

Interesting li’l interactive zombie Youtube game…here’s the opener.

The Voice of God

After that pretty hilarious Old Spice viral campaign I think it’s pretty evident who inspired it all.