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Evolution 2013

This weekend marks the most anticipated fighting game event of 2013, Evolution! Tune in to the official Twitch streams below and watch some of the best players in the world go at it. Swing by #Hostile on IRC to get in on the only weekend where the rest of Ht doesn’t complain about me and […]

The Watchers Wait

With the recent PS4 announcement we were delivered more gameplay footage of Ubisofts upcoming fall release of Watch Dogs. There’s also this viral site that was found in the footage. Interesting…

Play In The Dark

Have you ever noticed that in film, a horror movie comes out every week. But in games we are lucky to see one a year. If you look back over the history of horror video games it’s a few¬†Asian¬†franchises that have been so dulled down to please the masses that there’s no scare left in […]

The Story of Notch

If you’re a gamer you are well aware of Minecraft. The sandbox builder was a game changer when it hit the scene and is the only game to ever topple a Call of Duty from the XBox Live top played chart. And it’s an indie game, made by one man. Well, I don’t need to […]

Epic Battle

Alright motherfuckers, who wants to play some Blackops!! Bring your legos bitches…

Call of Duty is Always Calling

Way too addicted to Blackops. The Campaign was short but sweet, Zombie maps are a co-op challenge and the Multiplayer has plenty to do with 15 prestiges, combat training and the theatre to play with. It’s also the first game that is actually viable to play split screen. Sure you can find issues with the […]


Everyone is playing Call of Duty Blackops right now. The poor PC players aren’t however, thanks to insane lag but the consolers are doing just fine. How long will this game last? Who knows, we already have a few people approaching their 5th prestige. But one thing we do know, we’re going to see a […]

The Avenger

Everyone bitches about moving from mouse to controller. There’s a few tweaks you can get to help your gaming out on console, you can get FPS stick add-ons, you can buy a XiM or you could get this freakishly looking contraption. I think I’ll stick to my stock controller, thanks.

Camping for Dinner

I know we’ll see it soon… Gaming themed restaurants. Here’s what the Halo one would be like.

1 Week Till War

We’re a week away from CoD: Blackops dropping. Everyone around here is salivating for it. Here’s the drool worthy launch trailer.

Huntin’ Through The Desert

If you haven’t noticed, Cijid has done up all the Fallout New Vegas locations.

FC Hostilism

Weirdly enough, a lot of Hostiles have been playing FIFA 11 a lot. I know, we’re a bunch of Americans, what business do we have playing this foreign sport?! It’s ok, we’re terrible. But again EA brings a quality feature set to a sports game where you level your Pro by accomplishing tasks throughout the […]

A Customized Warrior

We’re a few days away from Medal of Honor coming out. A month after that, CoD: BlackOPS will be here! Here’s another multiplayer trailer for all the customization in the next Call of Duty.

Space Dust

I don’t know much about Eve Online but I do know a few Hostiles have put in serious hours into what is known as the most intricate of the successful MMORPG’s. CCP has done a great job of continuing to establish a solid foundation to build their galaxy on and now they’ve taken another bold […]

Killin’ Time 24/7

We all are FPS vets so we know all about aimbots and rocketjumps. Now we get to see it recreated in real life.