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Things On A Dog’s Head

I was linked this recently and was amazed by this dog, holy shit. If he could balance a beer can, it would be perfect. The full gallery of things being balanced after the break

PlanetSide 2 Nexus Battle Island

If you are still playing PlanetSide 2, this new video might be of interest to you. It is just a quick little preview of the Battle Island and from the looks of the video, it looks really good. I do like the idea of having a tank battle in the middle of a forest.

So Long and Thanks For All The Fish Filefront

Alright, let the shock settle in before reading any further. Yeah that’s right, Filefront is shutting down and you have four days to download whatever from it’s huge array of storage space. Here is the reason for the sudden closure.. Dear FileFront User: We regret to inform you that due to the current economic conditions […]

A Real Doll Documentary

I came along this video in one of the channels I idle in, they were discussing the video and real doll kept coming up. I pestered for a relink since my power went out earlier and I got it. This is quite disturbing but interesting at the same time so watch this video to avoid […]

Obama Gets Serious

When the world is in trouble, who do you call? President Obama of course! Here he comes to begin the nWo so alert LOx. Here is some more Obama figures for your delight. (Don’t miss the Obama vs Darth Vader)


On a grassy field in the middle of the city you might find two men swordfighting… Google Maps link

A SHAKA To You Too!

Holy Demoman! It’s Dr Justice!!

I’ll be bringing it back old school soon with a bunch of other videos but in the meantime check this one out. A friend of mine linked me this video of a demoman named Justice just tearing shit apart. It is worth watching if you haven’t seen it yet, some real mighty nice piping going […]

The Best Tower Drop Ever

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I posted anything, so lets start out with something old. I dug up this video Keeg made a few years(?) ago, one of the best tower drops ever. I didn’t see it on youtube, so I went and uploaded it. Here is a direct link, video embedded after […]

Comcast HD Watchers Beware!

MHD on FiOS MHD on Comcast A forum posting has crossed my path about Comcast adding more compression to it’s HD signals. If you are a Comcast subscriber and watch HD channels, you better check this out.

Alienware Eat Your Heart Out

ASUS’s bid into the computer building industry. Look at it, it is scary as hell and looks expensive as hell too! The folks over at engadget take a first look at this monster.

Late Night With Ironhide

So nothing of any significance was going on in the irc channel last night until ironhide wanted LOx to see a video. < ironhide > WOW < ironhide > LOOK AT THIS SHIT LOX < ironhide > < KIR|Cerberus > how the hell does a video like that, relate to a video like this […]

Red Rings

Yeah my 360 just died on me last night.

A Plea For Help

Earlier in the #hostile channel… ([WCO]corestorm) fuck ([WCO]corestorm) some one help me ([WCO]corestorm) seriously ([WCO]corestorm) my fucking friend left his pitbull here ([WCO]corestorm) im locked in my comp room ([WCO]corestorm) every time i try to walk out it snaps on me ([WCO]corestorm) and i have to shit ([WCO]corestorm) bad ([WCO]corestorm) can i give some one […]

Interplay is… BACK?

Descent? Freespace? Battle Chess? Fallout? If any of these titles sound vaguely familiar then you should start jumping with joy. According to Kotaku, Interplay is back baby! Here’s to hope for a new Freespace, hell even a new Descent. If you have never EVER played Freespace 2 and you like space simulation type things… you […]