Evil Mastermind

We’ve been around gaming and the communities within for almost 2 decades now. For the uninitiated there is plenty of drama that occurs in the midst of these communities. While most of these soap operas do occur in the standard MMOs such as Everquest or WoW one of the most memorable ones occurred in Eve Online where they have one of the deepest hierarchy features of any game.

So it came as a bit of a surprise to see Cracked post the Top 6 Most Spectacular Dick Moves in Games and one of our very own Hostiles get the #1 spot! Now, of course for the level of espionage that was required for such a move I can not divulge who the culprit is but there is one piece of the puzzle to solve here, and it’s my favorite part. The alias of this character is always listed as “Karttoon” which is the name of one of our long-time members. But, it was just his account he had abandoned a year before and had no involvement in what happened whatsoever. Anyone who knows kart aka McLovin aka Jeffrey aka the Minecraft admin aka Keeper of the Jeanne aka the guy always drunk would know he’s way too stupid to pull something of this nature off. But, he always has to be aware that the Goons could mistake him for the culprit and end his feeble existence. As for the true culprit, he’s since been married and is popping out kidlets by now so his cyber-terrorism days are behind him…or are they?

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