Needles in a Flickstack

I haven’t posted any movies in awhile, since most of you already know how to find the big releases I thought I’d recommend a few movies you most likely haven’t seen or even never heard of.

Enter the Void 1.37GB
Now this is a movie that illicit drugs were made specifically for. An extremely trippy experience it has a young man who deals drugs in Tokyo and who gets killed plying his trade. His transition to the next world is a very heavy experience but he can’t help but watch over his sister who he had dragged to Japan. Following her life after his death is all he cares about and seeing how she copes is actually quite difficult. This is not a movie you watch with the old lady. Directed by the same guy who directed Irreversible, you can expect many adult natured content in this completely original flick.

This Is War 704MB
Normally I find documentaries quite bland and while this one won’t have you gripped on the edge of your seat we do get to see something we normally don’t get to see. A real glimpse into a marines way of life. This documentary is completely filmed by a marine as the assault on Iraq begins. Using a handicam it is quite jittery but you get a real glimpse into the front line of war without the fluff that Hollywood would impose on it. Check this if your stomach can handle a bit of a bodycount.

Reign of Assassins 1.45GB
If you enjoyed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and you know how to read subtitles you’ll enjoy this movie. A John Woo movie with Michelle Yeoh as the lead, it’s a wushu martial arts flick that I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s not all action and does have a decent story so it’s deeper than most of the drivel out there. There’s enough butt kicking to keep you entertained though so enjoy.

Exit Through the Gift Shop 700MB
Another documentary but this is one that really comes off as much more. For those who have no knowledge of street art, this movie tells the tale of a french photographer who gets sucked into the scene and is infatuated with the artists themselves. He follows them around, helps them vandalize and becomes inspired by them. The movie is best known for starring Banksy, the most elusive and popular of the street artists. I won’t get into specifics but this movie doesn’t go where you think it’s going to. I really hope it wins an Oscar for best documentary.

Greg Giraldo’s Midlife Voices 550MB
Ok, a stand-up performance does not qualify as ‘a movie’ but this one is special. Mainly because the comedian died shortly after filming this special. Greg Giraldo is best known for being the funniest fucker at the roasts along with being a judge on Last Comic Standing. It seems the funniest guys out there are the ones who die early and Greg holds that tradition as he was arguably one of the funniest comedians out there before his death. Anyways, everyone needs a good chuckle and this one will deliver.

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