Building Blocks

I haven’t ever tried Minecraft but have heard of it. When I first saw the footage of it I immediately thought of QWTF, with the mipcap jacked. Graphically painful but easy to understand the environment. Well, Minecraft takes that to another level. Dropping you in a completely forgable world you can use blocks to create, break and harvest. You then can make tools to help build better establishments and fight back hordes of insects in Survival mode. It definitely is not for everyone, I don’t even think I would have the attention span to get deep into finding diamonds but I have a feeling a few of you would be into this weirdness of being able to be a god or a bug. One thing to note, this is an indie game so they currently have made everything free while in Alpha but it will eventually be pay to play. Here’s some footage so you can see how different people approach this game.

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