September, 2010

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Electrically Current

Bolly Will Give You Wood

It’s not often we are treated to amazing cinematic moments. It is even rarer to see it multiple times in one movie. But what makes what you’re about to see even crazier is that it smells like curried crotchness. Yup, coated like an indian wedding. Thank you international cinema, this is an amazing accomplishment.

More Minecrafting

A few days ago I had posted about Minecraft and what do you know, it’s now blowing up. The creator is making $250,000 a day on sales and people are building amazing environments and finding fun scenarios to play through. Well, these 2 videos are the best I’ve seen for the game so far, one […]

Religion Is Like…

Space Dust

I don’t know much about Eve Online but I do know a few Hostiles have put in serious hours into what is known as the most intricate of the successful MMORPG’s. CCP has done a great job of continuing to establish a solid foundation to build their galaxy on and now they’ve taken another bold […]

Wasted Mammals

I didn’t think that watching drunk animals would be so amusing…

No Guts, No Glory

Subtle Cruelty

This is just plain mean.

Stairway to Heaven

Hey does anyone know of someone looking for a job? My friend does this for a living and has decided to quit and move on to something else so I have an in, if you have the balls! Check it out and see if you could handle it then let me know, it pays quite […]

Building Blocks

I haven’t ever tried Minecraft but have heard of it. When I first saw the footage of it I immediately thought of QWTF, with the mipcap jacked. Graphically painful but easy to understand the environment. Well, Minecraft takes that to another level. Dropping you in a completely forgable world you can use blocks to create, […]

What You Looking At?

Core Demographix

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The Lapse of Time

National Book Burning Day

Fall of Fire

I have 2 words you nerds love to hear. MMO and FREE. Down at PAX this weekend they showed off some video of an up and coming game called FireFall. While it uses a TF2 cartoony style there is some darkness to the game and looks to be a mix of Tribes, Planetside and Starship […]