Metaphorically Moronic

Yeah that’s right, we got metaphor splicing goin’ on in #Hostile. Riveting!
<od3rus> step up to the plate and pick up a gauntlet
<b|afk> don’t worry, odie’s bark is worse in one ear and bites out the other
<b|afk> after all, a fool and his money don’t grow on trees
<od3rus> Sometimes I feel like I’m swimming against the grain
<b|afk> don’t worry though, because the meek shall gather no moss
<alc> people in glass houses know what they say about assuming things
<b|afk> the way to a man’s best friend is through his dog
<od3rus> Take the ball by the horns and run with it
<alc> all’s well that ends in love and war
<b|afk> an apple a day kills two birds
<alc> loose lips are thicker than water
<od3rus> Theres a light at the end of this rainbow
<b|afk> the road to hell is mighter than the sword
<alc> a penny saved is worth two in the bush´╗┐

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