Preying Upon The Gullible

Hey, it’s the end of that day where you get to expose how stupid your friends and coworkers are by pranking them. I personally love it and just wait for the forced awkwardness that is bound to happen. You know that moment when someone gets all bothered right after they have been had by a good joke in the workplace? Here is how I invision the thought process of someone I will let remain nameless.

WHAT? I was complaining about how much adding voice commands to the copier must have cost when it was just a prank to get people to talk to themselves? I can’t laugh that off I must now redirect my misplaced cost savings anger and compose a memo about how inappropriate humor is in the workplace regardless of occasion!

I have been working as a computer janitor recently so my new favorite thing to do is expose everyone’s troubleshooting flaws by taping a picture of goatse to the bottom of their optical mouse. “Man I tried unplugging it and rebooting but it just won’t work! It worked yesterday. I’m going to get another one.” That is when I toss out the maybe the “laser” is broken and watch the horror as they flip over and see the Receiver!

Oh good times are had on this day. It’s the day when your inner evil can peek its head out disguised as a good sense of humor to those dopes who struggle to get through the day without drawing attention to their own stupidity. Overall, it’s a day where hidden talent can shine in my opinion.

Speaking of talent shining, hit the jump to see a wicked “amateur” TF2 fan animation movie trailer. I put amateur in quotes because I suspect this guy has about 15 job offers in his inbox already. Be warned, this may make you want to go rent download a Jamie Fox movie.

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