Decade of Detpaks

Just to reminisce a li’l bit, here is Tick’s QWTF archive.

He’s spent countless hours uploading all these matches so do him a favor and spend a few hours watching them!

3 Responses to “Decade of Detpaks”

  1. Tickenest  Says:

    Aw, you’re the best, Mad. And I recently added a second viewpoint of Ht’s famous victory over Aftermath! :D

  2. [Ht]Mad  Says:

    Yeah…even tho we won one of the views is from Sunburnt (me) which is just an embarrassing demo so no one watch that one (I was so lagged and mm2ing the entire time I swear).

  3. Tickenest  Says:

    At last, the truth about this “Sunburnt” individual comes out! Of course, given that the demo was called “Madvsam,” it was pretty obvious. :D

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