February, 2010

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The Last Song

Brainwashing Blowout

This is why I love the internet. Watch the entire thing or I will kill you in your sleep.

Poopsock the Paladin

Plenty of my friends have inquired about MMORPG’s in the past, wanting to know if they should play them. I always immediately say no. You could end up like this guy.

Modern Borefare

I haven’t played Modern Warfare 2 in ages. I was going to since they patched but then I read this. Guess I’ll just wait for Call of Duty Vietnam.

Olympic Pride

I’ve been feeling pretty patriotic lately with Vancouver going crazy. So here’s an American video about Canada so we make sense to you guys.


Being huge nerds we have to carry the stereo type of all the dorky things we don’t actually do. Todays nerd is hardly distinguishable anymore, you’d be surprised how many hot people know nerdy things. One thing that will never escape nerddom however is LARPing, possibly the nerdiest thing ever. Check out these huge nerds […]

Gettin’ Dicey

Very well done music video starring Battlefield Bad Company 2!

French Beggar

I’m Avatar Rich Bitch

If you’re a fan of playing mock stocks and you also watch TMZ then you will love this. The website HSX allows people to play a form of fantasy stock exchange that uses movie grossings and celebrities as the form of currency. So for instance, if you invested in Lindsay Lohan and any Eddie Murphy […]

Lady or Lord?

Finally, we have an answer to one of life’s greatest mysteries!

Fortress Follies

I see someone finally found a use for TF2.

Call Da Amber Lamps

So last week I posted about the now infamous Epic Beard Man fight. Well it’s taken off to epic proportions across the internet. Not only is Epic Beard Man famous but the girl sitting nearby has also launched and is being called Amber Lamps. But the old guy is the one who has plenty of […]

Rodent Riot

Russian Poopsocks

Allods Online is now in Open Beta. This means they will not be wiping characters so get your grind on if interested. You can grab the client for this Free2Play MMO and I’d recommend you read Bucky’s thread to get up to speed. You might even want to plan out a class before starting as […]

Rise of the Bums

Finally, a game where I geto to be homeless! Re-enacting Bumfights in 5..4…3..2..1…