Russian Grindcore

Baron was mentioning this new Russian MMO called Allods Online that is coming out soon, it’s currently in Closed Beta and will be a free to play MMO. Sure it is a bit WoWish but does have plenty to stand on its own. I read Massively’s take on it and they seemed to really like it. Not that I need another MMO but for those looking for a different experience check out the first look video. And don’t forget to make your hitler ogre or to get a beta key. (Definitely can get a key here)

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  1. [Ht]Mad  Says:

    Just played it, took no time to fully download. Running it on a laptop and runs great! In windowed mode, no lag, no stuttering from fx.

    As for the game itself, its a bit slow, the combat isn’t auto so you need to be hittin’. Its all very comfy as you know exactly what to do from previous MMOs and its all very well put together.

    Color me impressed so far especially for free.

  2. Barron  Says:

    Yeah, it’s slow at first. It’s also really unforgiving right now with regards in how you spec, since the items to reset talents isn’t in yet.

    If anyone is on League side /whisper Pancakes or add as a friend. I’ll do my best to power level you. There is an instance that gives a ton of xp and I think you can just hang back while I plow through mobs – not sure if it will work but beta is for testing right? Would be nice to find out for live.

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